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Overview: Your heart is the real temple. It is there that you must install God. Good thoughts are the flowers to be offered to him. Good actions are worship. Good words are hymns. Love is divine offering." — Amma Puja is an age old ritualistic worship of the supreme power, performed to keep one in harmony with the cosmic forces, thereby removing and overcoming the sorrows of life giving birth to spirirtual enrichment. This is achieved by creating special postivie energies around us during the ritual cancelling out all the negative energies in one’s life and surrounds it with a spiritual glow, which brings one peace of mind, material prosperity and enables one to more clearly touch the Divine, one’s true nature. One who want to seek solace through vedic practices such as pujas and homas, the following services are available This tour consists of special organized Puja at different location as per suggestion by our priest. There are even some Puja which can be performed by everyone. Some of the Homa are listed below.

Homa or Deva-Yajna is the making of offerings to fire which is career thereof to the Deva (God.) A kunda (firepit) is prepared and fire when brought from the house of a Brahmana is consecrated with mantra. The fire is made conscious with the mantra – Vang vahni-chaitanyaya namah, and then saluted and named. Meditation is then made on the three nadis (vide ante) – Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna – and on Agni, the Lord of Fire. Offerings are made to the Ishta-devata in the fire. After the puja of fire, salutation is given as in Shadanga-nyasa, and then clarified butter (ghee) is poured with a wooden spoon into the fire with mantra, commencing with Aum and ending with Svaha. Homa is of various kinds, several of which are referred to in the text, and is performed either daily, as in the case of the ordinary nitya-vaishva-deva-homa, or on special occasions, such as the upanayana or sacred thread ceremony, marriage, vrata, and the like. It is of various kinds, such as prayashchitta-homa, srishtikrit-homa, janu homa, dhara-homa, and others, some of which will be found in the text.

Ayush Homa: For positive influences in the coming year.

Tila Homa: For departed souls, to be performed 45 days after death or later for peace of one’s ancestors and to receive the blessings of ancestors.

Maha Sudharshan Homa: For peace and happiness and to get rid of evil.

Navagraha Home: Puja for all individual planets.


Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu Puja ---for individual planets

Durga: For the elimination of all the sufferings through the grace of the Divine Mother and to get rid of evil tendencies in us.

Vishnu Puja: For a smooth life peace and harmony in the family to improve family relations.

Lakshmi: For prosperity, material abundance, and spiritual prosperity. To remove troubles that prevent us from starting a spiritual path or business.

Saraswati: For gaining knowledge and mastery in studies, to sharpen the intellect and improve memory.

Shiva: For improving the general health of body and mind, to remove bad vibrations around a person, for a speedy recovery from illness, or before and after an operation.

Shiva-Shakti: To improve harmony in the marriage and to help integrate material and spiritual progress.

Apart from this there are many other Pujas which can be suggested at the time of arrival.


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