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Patnem Beach GOA

Lotus Yoga Retreat is eco-friendly beach front Yoga Resort located in the tropical and unspoilt South of Goa. The location of the resort is at the end of Southern end of Patnem Beach in GOA. Lotus Yoga Retreat is the perfect place for relaxing and watching the waves. There is always a gentle breeze and the ocean is warm but refreshing - ideal for regular dips. Only a few minutes’ walk along the beach from shops and other fine restaurants, you can 'retreat' at our place but still 'escape by foot'. The surrounding area is breathtaking and easily accessible for short trips and excursions.
The Resort offers yoga and meditation classes daily from November to April. You can choose between a flexible yoga holiday or a yoga retreat for a more profound practice. Classes are held on a large yoga shala overlooking the ocean or on the Hanuman shala next to a holy mountain. We also offer various holistic treatments such as shiatsu, acupressure, reflexology, reiki, ayurvedic treatments and fasting/detox programmes.
The Ocean shala is right in front of the sea, providing spectacular views and great sunsets. The perfect location means there is always a refreshing breeze so the tropical temperatures never become unbearable for yoga practice.
Classes are also held on the Hanuman shala, located next to a sacred mountain. This deck has a more earthy, nurturing energy and there are beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and the distant Western Ghats.

Meditation at Lotus
Meditation is the art of being aware. Most eastern philosophies believe that due to the pressures of modern life we have too much brain activity and energy in the upper body. There has never been a more restless world and never a more urgent need to relax.
Meditation brings us back to wholeness so that we witness life instead of responding to everything in an emotional way. All of us have deep peace inside ourselves but often we can’t hear it because the mind is making too much noise and ego gets in the way. India is the perfect place to meditate due to the slower pace of life here and the long tradition in this truly life enhancing practice.
Because sitting in silent meditation for hours is not so easy, we will show you simple techniques that can easily fit into your daily lifestyle. Once you incorporate meditation into your everyday activities your life becomes more intense, more joyful and you have more clarity of focus.

Holistic treatments and courses Our massages and treatments are carried out in a beautiful massage hut just metres away from the ocean.

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing traditional Japanese healing art. It literally means finger pressure and is often referred to as a form of ‘acupuncture without needles’. Shiatsu is based on the principle that energy flows through the body through meridians. If the energy flow (Ki or Chi) is disrupted then pain, irritations, anxiety and emotional imbalances follow. Through a combination of stretches, joint rotations and gentle pressure, Shiatsu stimulates the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Regular therapeutic treatment can strengthen the immune system and lead to better health and well-being.
At Lotus Yoga Retreat we offer Shiatsu treatments by our Shiatsu practitioner.

Reflexology is a relaxing treatment involving the massaging of feet. It is based on the theory that for every part of the body there is a corresponding reflex point in the foot. All the energy meridians are represented in the feet, together with many nerve endings that relate to organs in the body. Before the massage the patient’s feet are soaked in a foot bath with hot water and aromatherapy oils. By massaging the feet through a form of acupressure, deposits that block the body’s energy flow are broken up. Reflexology helps the body to regain its balance and contributes to good health. At Lotus Yoga Retreat we offer reflexology treatments

Ayurvedic treatments
Ayurveda was developed more than 5000 years ago by highly spiritual beings and means the ‘knowledge of life and longevity’. The aim of all ayurvedic treatments is to bring harmony and re-establish physical, mental and spiritual health. Treatments focus on the cause of problems to give permanent health solutions, rather than combating symptoms. The core of ayurveda is massage using essential oils, natural herbs and plants.
Lotus Yoga Retreat offers different ayurvedic massages and treatments by our ayurvedic practitioner.
Lotus Yoga Retreat offers different forms of massage depending on our visiting specialist.

Reiki literally means ‘life force energy'. It is a holistic healing method involving the laying of hands. Reiki restores energy channels, balances the chakra system and eliminates toxins. It is an ancient treatment that was rediscovered in Japan in the 1920s.

At Lotus Yoga Retreat we offer Reiki healing sessions.

Getting There:
Lotus Yoga Retreat is situated at the far southern end of Patnem beach, Canacona, South Goa, India.

Lotus Yoga Retreat located perfectly picturesque area. The resort comfortable bamboo huts give you the necessary luxury without taxing the environment.
Thanks to the pleasant climate, living on the beach in these airy huts means there is a continuous flow between being inside and outside. Guests say they feel deeply relaxed after spending just one night here because the stress of daily life just evaporates. It is a truly healing spot. Lotus Yoga Retreat is is the perfect place for meditating, reading or just watching the sea.
Each beach hut has an unobstructed view of the ocean or the mountain. We have three different categories:
Sunset ocean view - front line direct ocean and sunset view
Ocean hill view - view of the mountain and ocean from balcony
Ocean garden view – Set in the beautiful sandy garden with a balcony and shala views.
We pride ourselves on cleanliness, comfort and simplicity. Due to the seasonal monsoon rains and a local law prohibiting any brick buildings on the beach, we rebuild our huts every year using local organic materials.
On site we have showers, bathrooms and toilets which are cleaned various times daily. All the hut doors can be locked and guests always feel very safe on our beach.
Thanks to our privileged location at the end of the beach you can rest assured that the nights are perfectly peaceful and you can fall asleep listening to the lullaby of the waves.

The food of Lotus Yoga Retreat are simple yet healthy and tasty and organic food are used. The program or the courses included in the price is with full main meal. This could be your choice of lunch from the specials menu or brunch. You can choose from fresh tropical fruit, homemade organic yoghurt, a wide selection of vegetarian dishes (delicious even for those not used to vegetarian food), dhal, rice, salads, herbal teas and chai.
Throughout the day you can order small snacks, vitamin and health-booster juices and fresh tropical fruit. You can have these at your hut or relax in our beach lounge - the perfect place to read or just watch the waves listening to some chilled out tunes. The dinner menu changes daily as per season. Fish is also included as an option in our evening menu because the seafood in Goa is very fresh and tasty.

Retreats and Teacher Training at LOTUS YOGA RETREAT-Patnem beach Goa:
A 10 days Yoga and Meditation Detox Retreat For Virbrant Living:
Reveal Your Radiance from 20th - 29th November 2013
Cleanse your body, heart and mind. Fuel your soul. This yoga detox retreat will direct you through a comprehensive inner and outer cleanse, helping to reveal the radiant and revitalized you. We will adopt the classical yoga tools (Asana, Pranayama, Mudras, Kriya (Jala Neti and Shank Prakshalana), and incorporate mindfulness meditation and western methods of reflection and guidance.
This retreat adopts a holistic approach focusing on internal change rather than being preoccupied with the outer form.

Wolfgang and Bella will provide professional guidance to help support you as you go through this intense transformation and purification process. It is essential that we start the cleansing of the body; heart and mind in a slow and easy way, so you can make the transition into the detoxification with ease and grace. We will start the retreat with a few days of simple Indian vegetarian meals and then move over to energizing juices and smoothies by day. Mid retreat we will dive into Shank Prakshalana - a cleansing of the bowel to release toxins.

Wolfgang is from Germany and is a Yoga teacher (200h AYA) who completed his 200hr training in Hatha-Vinyasawith Spirit Yoga / Berlin; Core Strength Vinyasa with Sadie Nardini / New York; OM Yoga Panayama with Cyndi Lee OM Yoga/ New York; Tantric Chandra Namaskar with Nivata / Berlin; and Yin Yoga TT with Josh Summers/Boston. Wolfgang is a certified Rebalancer and licensed massage therapist. Since 1991 Wolfgang has dedicated himself to the study and practise of bodywork with Eastern and Western foundations. The respect for the uniqueness of each human being provides the basis for his work. Adapting the power of touch to individual needs, sometimes deep and powerful, sometimes gentle, or playful, Wolfgang believes that through therestoration of balance you can find yourself again.

Bella is from the UK where she lived and worked in the National Health Service for a number of years as a Psychotherapist specializing in treating depression, stress and anxiety. Last year she worked in Goa for 6 months before moving to live and work outside Zurich in Switzerland ( Bella has practiced meditation for over 15 years. In the UK she taught Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy in groups to help people with recurrent depression. Bella brings an energy, lightness and warmth to her meditation teaching and is passionate about mindfulness pervading all areas of life as a way of shifting from the western state of autopilot to a state of just being.
It is important to be aware that the detoxification process can lower your energy level at times, so it is essential that you find the opportunity for rest and quiet time so your body will not produce extra toxins caused by any stress. Be gentle on yourself! The process of purification sometimes brings up some side effects both pleasant and unpleasant. It is therefore important to be willing to approach the impact of the cleansing process with openness. There will also be periods of silence to enable you to go deeper into the cleansing process.
Each yoga class is designed according to the energy level of the group and the individual. The yoga will incorporate Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, pranayama, mantras, mudras, inner affirmations. Svadhyaya (self-study) and meditation will also be practiced. Participants will also be encouraged to share from their personal experience daily. This Detox Retreat is suitable for all Levels (although is not recommended for absolute Beginners).
Typical daily Schedule
7-8 AM: Mindfulness meditation
8 AM: Juices and herbal tea
8.30 - 10-30 Vinyasa flow or Yin Yoga class
12.30 - Lunch (juices on detox)
Rest and reflection time 16.30 - 18.30 Workshops incorporating yoga, relaxation sessions, meditation and enquiry, reflection and discussion.
19.00 Dinner (juices when on detox) followed by free time.

What to bring
• Pen, Paper or Journal
• An open heart and a curious mind and the willingness to at least to give it a try.
• All the things you need to make you feel comfortable for your Yoga and meditation Retreat (mats and bolsters are provided)