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Spirituality and Religion in India
Both being different are however are entwined together in such a way that not one can exist without the other. Spirituality is a vast concept, relating to one’s self and one’s soul, whereas religion is a limited concept if compared to spirituality as its more to do with religious rituals and following religions past history. In no other country are both these factors as entwined as in India.
India being a secular country, has a number of religions residing in her land, and with each religion travels spirituality hand in hand. To have a deeper understanding one must have a clearer picture of all the religions present in India and the infinite roles they play in spirituality.

Simplicity, Sincerity Purity -Our mottos for your satisfaction.
India being the land of spirituality and purity, cocooned in the arms of simplicity is a haven for the inquisitive, who not only want to learn the mysterious teachings of the universe but also find themselves and create a harmonious, melodious bond with their soul.
Our spirituality tour has its roots deep in simplicity, purity, sincerity and surety. For in simplicity lies peace of mind, in sincerity does one belong to God, in the pure state of mine does one feel the power, warmth and blessings of the almighty and only out of surety does one be able to connect to Him, through meditation. With the ongoing capitalism of the world, a refute is needed and that is provided here in India and its simple culture, that lies untouched ready to mould as per your desire.

Concentration, Meditation and Contemplation
Metaphorically creating a similarity between Concentration and an ‘Arrow’ and Meditation and a ‘Bow’, one can understand the role that each plays in our life and the interdependence of each on the other. Upon concentrating, one focuses all their energies on one subject to unveil its true hidden colors and deep mysteries, and through meditation one rises from one’s limited consciousness into a higher consciousness where the vastness of knowledgeable silence reigns supreme.
Concentration wants to seize the knowledge it aims at, meditation wants to identify itself with the knowledge it seeks.
Concentration does not allow disturbance, the disrupting factor of one’s peace, to enter into its warm harmony however meditation allows one to realize the cause of the disturbance, its nature and helps one to deal with it.
Meditation helps one to grow as a person, evolve as a better human being, be able to learn and understand the workings of the spiritual world, leading to a purer, simple state of mind. The need for mediation arises from one’s thirst of knowledge and not just any knowledge but knowledge of the world, knowledge of the universe and knowledge of one’s own self ads through meditation only can one be in perfect harmony with oneself.
One never needs too much to connect with oneself, concentration and mediation go hand in hand with simplicity and purity thus all that is needed is peace of mind and a relaxed surrounding around one. Through concentration and meditation one reaches the ultimate level, which is the point of ‘Contemplation’. The highest level of meditation. The truth that one sees and feels in meditation, one grows into and bonds with, through contemplation.
Concentration helps one feel the presence of God around us, Meditation helps one feel bound to Infinity, Eternity and Immortality, within one, but it is only upon Contemplating that one will find Almighty residing not anywhere but in one’s own self and in one’s soul, and one will find Infinity, Eternity, and Immortality all bound together residing in one’s soul’s deepest corner.
Thus, our spiritual tour will not just take you on a tour around the beautiful landscape of India but through a journey of your inner soul, helping you grow and realize your worth.