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Thanesar is one of the most sacred places of Hindu pilgrimage. The town derives its name from the words Sthan-esvar or the abode of God (Mahadev). The town was once the centre of great learning. Today it is famous for the Sthanesvar Mahadev temple and the Ma Bhadra Kali Temple. It lies adjoining the town of Kurukshetra and is often called its twin town.

It can be said without a doubt that the presiding deity of Thanesar is Lord Shiva. It is after the Sthanesvar Shiva Linga Temple that Thanesar gets its name. Vaman Puran categorically mentions the importance of this temple and legends tell us that Lord Brahma Himself laid the first Linga of Lord Shiva at the temple. Renovated in recent times, the temple has a white amla (fruit shaped) dome. A large water body has been designed before the temple. A Gurudwara that lies opposite the Sthanesvar temple marks the spot sanctified by the visit of Guru Tegh Bahadur.

The famous Ma Bhadra Kali temple celebrates the legend of Sati Mata. It lies a short drive from the Sthanesar Mahadev Temple. The learned say Sati's lower limb fell here, granting the area the sanctity of a Sidh Peeth or a place where wishes are fulfilled. The temple has been renovated with red stone and the inner sanctum has been beautified. At a well in the precincts, devotees offer terracotta horses as offerings in thanks-giving, each time their wishes are fulfilled. The inner sanctum of the temple houses both the awe inspiring and the sublime forms of the Mother Goddess Kali. Thousands of devotee throng the temple on the holy days of Navratre (March-April and September-October) and every Saturday.

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